Celebrate October 31 with PR Craft’s

Halloween mini candy bars!

the details:

package of six ghoulishly good, creepily creative confections,

three spooktacular flavor combinations!

Portland, me goblins: use promo code “local” during checkout to receive free shipping, and we’ll arrange delivery or pickup with you

word of caution: this assortment uses several varieties of tree nuts

A brief history of halloween

Halloween, also known as all hallow’s eve, dates back about 2000 years. It all began as a pre-christian celtic festival, celebrating the end of the harvest year. The festival was called samhain, a gaelic term meaning “summer’s end”. it was also believed that samhain, or Halloween, was a time for communing with the dead. a time when the spirits of the dead would cross over into the other world.


the practice of trick or treating didn’t start in america until the 1920’s. It’s believed that the origins date back to medieval times, when the poor would go door to door asking for food in exchange for prayers for the dead, a practice known as “souling”. The playing of tricks and pranks was more prevalent in the early years. But over time, through commercialization, and law enforcement, dressing in costume, parading door to door, and receiving treats, became the common practice.